Ask the Experts: The iBiquity HD Radio™ Team

September 30   •   3:30 p.m.  -   5:00 p.m.

We are bringing the team of experts from iBiquity to the Radio Show to answer your questions – positive or negative – about HD Radio. This is a rare chance to ask about the future of this technology, what new implementations are in the works and what receiver manufacturers are doing. Get the real story on where AM digital is headed, increased digital power, interference concerns and new concepts and products that are planned for the very near future.

 • Chriss Scherer, Owner/President, Scherer Media Services, Kansas City

 • Steve Baldacci, Sr. VP, Marketing, iBiquity Digital Corporation
 • Joe D’Angelo, Sr. VP, Broadcast Programs and Advanced Services, iBiquity Digital
 • Ashruf El-Dinary, VP, Commercial Applications, iBiquity Digital Corporation
 • Jeff Jury, Executive Vice President and COO, iBiquity Digital Corporation
 • Albert Shuldiner, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, iBiquity Digital Corporation

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