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State of the FM Enabled Smartphone

September 18   •   2:30 p.m.  -   3:30 p.m.
Fira Montjuïc, Hall 8, Theatre 1 Gatlin A1

Today’s radio listeners expect more from radio so Sprint and NextRadio have partnered together to deliver it. Delve deep into the progress made in 2013 as radio gears up for relevant inclusion on Sprint smartphones. What is the NextRadio launch report card? How much broadcaster content has been generated and what will the user experience be in the first 30 days? Looking ahead, what can radio do to make its partnership with Sprint a long term success and where should radio be looking in the short term to expand the smartphone opportunities with wireless customers and in-vehicle dashboards?

 • Paul Brenner, President, Next Radio
 • Mark Yarkosky, director, Product Development, Sprint