Making Magic for Consumers — How Disney’s Animal Kingdom Does It and You Can, Too!

September 28   •   8:30 a.m.  -  10:00 a.m.

Bonnet Creek Floridian Ballroom G-L

The Walt Disney Company is one of the most successful global brands in history. It maintains its industry leadership status by continually dreaming, innovating and delivering world-class entertainment experiences. Imagine if you could capture the magic of Disney, bring it back to your radio station and share it with your staff. This year’s Radio Show is proud to offer that very opportunity with an exclusive panel: “Making Magic for Consumers — How Disney’s Animal Kingdom Does It and You Can, Too!”

This panel produced by ABC Radio, will feature a storied group of Disney Cast Members and Imagineers (Imagination + Engineering) charged with creating the ideas and concepts that delight their guests as only Disney can do. The panelists will use Disney’s Animal Kingdom to illustrate how ideas are conceived, designed, developed and delivered. In addition, they will share some of their challenges and efforts to find solutions without compromising quality or the guest experience. After this 90-minute multi-media session, you’ll emerge better informed, inspired and ready to return to work with fresh ideas and exciting insights!


Steve  Jones
Steve Jones
Vice President, General Manager
ABC Radio


Matt Beiler
Matt Beiler
Creative Producer
Walt Disney Imagineering

Joe Kalla
Joe Kalla
General Manager, Park Operations
Disney Animal Kingdom

Mark Renfrow
Mark Renfrow
Show Director
Disney Parks Live Entertainment


angie Keilhauer
Angie Keilhauer
Songwriter, Recording Artist